Shelly has been the office manager and secretary of AFTNW Ohio for four years.  Shelly will assist you in determining your insurance benefits and co-pay.  Shelly will set all appointment times and will phone you with a friendly reminder prior to your appointment.  Shelly will also help to clarify any billing questions that may arise.

Each insurance company varies in its procedures for obtaining authorization for service. Gaining authorization rests in the hands of each client however, Shelly will assist you by contacting your insurance before your initial visit. She will contact you prior to your visit to review estimated insurance payments and co-pay requirements.

    2013 Fees
    90791Diagnostic Evaluation Nonmedical200.00
    90832Psychotherapy Therapy (30 Min.)  85.00
    90834Psychotherapy Therapy (45 Min.)150.00
    90837Psychotherapy Therapy (60 Min.)185.00
    90846Family Psychotherapy (30 Min.)  85.00
    90847Family Psychotherapy (45 Min.)150.00
    90849Family Psychotherapy (60 Min.)185.00
    90839Crisis Therapy (60 min.)185.00
    90840Crisis Therapy (90 min.)220.00
    90853Group Psychotherapy  75.00
    96101Psych Testing (per hour)175.00
    96118Neuro Psych (per hour)185.00
    Not BillableAcademic Testing 395.00
    Not BillableReport Writing (per hour)150.00
     Professional Fees / Presentation200.00

To begin the process for an Office Appointment please phone Shelly at 419-885-4121 or begin the process by clicking on:
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